Vattenfall is Smart Energy Partner to Ski Tour 2020

We are happy to announce Vattenfall as a partner to Ski Tour 2020. A partnership that focuses on smart energy as we together aspire for a more sustainable cross-country ski sport.

Photo: Vattenfall

Vattenfall continues to invest in the future of winter sports as they become Smart Energy Partner to Ski Tour 2020. A partnership that goes hand in hand with their strategy to help their customers and partners to find ways to make fossil free living possible within one generation. The energy company is now helping the Mid-Scandinavian tour to be as climate smart as possible.

– The experience that Vattenfall can provide when it comes to sustainability and the way that they work with events will be invaluable for us. It is important in our work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, says Patrik Svärd, partner manager for Ski Tour 2020.

Vattenfall is the main sponsor for the Swedish Ski Association. A partnership that has been thriving for more than 25 years. And where climate issues have become more and more important.

– The climate knows no boundaries and we want to do what we can to enable fossil free living. That is our primary purpose as Smart Energy Partner and official climate coach to the Swedish Ski Association. The fact that Vattenfall has been a sponsor for such a long time is valuable for both parts, says Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall.

Through its role the energy company can support the Swedish Ski Association on its quest to reduce the carbon footprint of skiing.

– The climate has become an increasingly important issue as the professional skiers are very much aware of the changes taking place in their “workplace”. In our role as Smart Energy Partner and climate coach we can contribute with the expertise and technology needed for the association to achieve their sustainability goals and benefit the climate, says Magnus Hall.

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Photo: Vattenfall

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company with over 14.5 million customers in total for electricity, heat, gas, and electricity network all around Europe. For more than 100 years Vattenfall has electrified industries and supplied energy to people´s homes. But the greenhouse gas emission and the ongoing climate change is one of the biggest global challenges of our time and requires broader solutions to produce energy. Vattenfall wants to make fossil free living possible within one generation. To meet this target the energy company is determined to reduce its CO2 emission throughout the entire value chain. But also develop within the production of renewable energy and smart energy solutions. A determination valued by Ski Tour 2020.

– The fact that Ski Tour 2020 has the opportunity to take part in Vattenfall´s knowledge of sustainability is a big opportunity. It will be interesting to see to what extent we can influence the sport and the way future organizers work with sustainability, when we work together, says Patrik Svärd.

Vattenfall has already began this task by helping the Swedish Ski Association to reduce their CO2 emissions. For example by providing information and education to athletes and coaches from Vattenfall’s climate coach Lasse Ejeklint.

In 2017 they launched a project together with the Swedish alpine national team. The goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions by the association with 50 percent by 2022. Solar panels were installed on top of the Swedish National Alpine Arena prior to the World Championships in Åre 2019, which annually generates 37,000 kWh of electricity to the arena. And the alpine team has together with the national cross-country ski team funded over a quarter of a million Swedish Crowns for various sustainability project.

During Ski Tour 2020, Vattenfall will provide climate-friendly backup power in the form of a mobile battery storage. The unit can also provide eight mobile charging stations from InCharge that can power up multiple vehicles at once, without overloading the power grid.

– We will provide both electric-powered snowmobiles and an electric-powered quad bike, to enable fossil-free transportation for athletes and staff. They will also be used by the organizers before and during the competitions, says Lasse Ejeklint, climate coach at Vattenfall.

For four years, Vattenfall has been working with partners to develop the charging infrastructure at several markets, especially in Sweden and Norway.

– It is obvious that we must act and do what we can to enable and inspire a climate-friendly life. To make it easier and more convenient to drive an electric car is one important part of this, says Lasse Ejeklint.

To inspire a climate-smart lifestyle, Vattenfall has developed the app OneTonneFuture. An app that can be used as an easy tool for businesses or individuals to calculate their footprint, learn about what impacts the climate and how to reduce their own CO2 emission.

Together with the organizers and all the partners involved, Vattenfall will contribute in making the Ski Tour 2020 more sustainable. This as a step in the right direction to improve the condition for ski sport in the future, and enable fossil free living within one generation.