Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland partners up with new addition to the FIS Cross-Country World Cup - Ski Tour 2020

Le Gruyère AOP is a Swiss cheese, produced in the west of Switzerland using the same traditional recipe since 1115. Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland is also well-known within the world of Cross-Country skiing, as the company has been an official partner since the 2015/2016 season. The long tradition and sustainable way of producing also make Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland a great partner for Ski Tour 2020.

The delicious Gruyère AOP products have become a well-known and much appreciated sight on podiums and in the hands of winners since the traditional Swiss cheese producer became an official partner of the Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup. In February 2020, the Gruyère AOP Switzerland will also be part of a unique addition to the World Cup program in 2020: Ski Tour 2020.

For the first time ever the traditional rivals Sweden and Norway will cooperate to organize a ski tour and for the organizers, it is vital to have experienced partners such as Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland on board.

– We think the partnership between the FIS, Ski Tour 2020 and Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland is a great combination, especially since they have so much experience of partnering with the Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup. We all bring something extra to this tour and for the athletes, the Gruyère AOP cheese brings extra value to the podium, said Guri Hetland, CEO of Tour 2020 AB.

As Ski Tour 2020 focus on sustainability, Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland has plenty to contribute to the tour. Firstly, the production process has been maintained since the origins of Gruyère and secondly, the recipe is still the same since 1115.

All cheese makers are strictly obliged to observe and uphold the AOP specifications. This mode of production gives the Gruyère AOP its famous distinctive flavor. It is no big surprise that this cheese is popular among experts and cheese lovers throughout the world.

The refined and characteristic taste of Gruyère AOP is also attributed to high-quality raw milk, which comes from cows fed on grass in summer and hay in winter with no additives or ensilage. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, each milk producer delivers all year round the precious ingredient to its assigned cheese-dairy, which is very close to their farm (a maximum of five kilometers). The close proximity to the milk producers means shorter transportation and using the same producers for generations brings economic stability to the region where the famous cheese is made. Thus, the milk producers, the cheese makers and the affineurs, all contribute to this huge success of Gruyère AOP Switzerland.

Gruyère AOP’s production methods are traditional as well as sustainable and that is why the Swiss cheese and the Ski Tour 2020 work so well together.

– Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland offer a unique product, and that is what we are trying to do as well. They stand for tradition and a sustainable way of doing things and they have been doing it for hundreds of years. That is truly unique, and also, the cheese is very good, said Guri Hetland.

Ski Tour 2020 kicks off with the official opening in Östersund, Sweden, on February 14 after which two days of racing follows at Östersund Skidstadion. The tour continues to the Swedish National Alpine Arena in Åre, then to Storlien, Meråker and finally Granåsen Skisenter in Trondheim.

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Mikko Ruchti, Le Gruyère AOP