Meetings generate great ideas - Partners in close cooperation to further improve Ski Tour 2020

Cooperation across borders is an important part of Ski Tour 2020. That does not only entail the historical cooperation between two rivaling cross-country nations, it also includes a close cooperation between businesses. On Thursday, our partners met in Oslo to discuss how they can cooperate and contribute to Ski Tour 2020.

– Organizing Ski Tour 2020 would not have been possible without our partners. The Tour is a historical collaboration between two nations, Sweden and Norway, who are normally rivals. This also gives us the opportunity to create strong ties and cooperations across the borders between our partners, said Guri Hetland, CEO of Tour 2020 AB.

On Tuesday, the Ski Tour 2020 partners, most of them from Sweden and Norway, met at main partner Vy’s main office in Oslo. It was the first time they met each other in connection to Ski Tour 2020. The day started with getting to know each other and a presentation of Ski Tour 2020. The afternoon was dedicated to discussions about how the partners, representing a wide range of businesses, can improve Ski Tour 2020 and highlight their own brands. The focus was mainly on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

"It is very useful to meet everyone and talk about our ideas for Ski Tour 2020 and also discuss what we can do together as partners. By cooperation we can highlight our own brands and, among other things, contribute to the tour's sustainability efforts" - The Ski Tour 2020 Partners.

Despite representing different types of markets, the Ski Tour 2020 partners have still found mutual areas for where they may cooperate. Tuesday's discussions generated plenty of ideas of how they can all cooperate to, for example, reduce the number of transports of goods to the different tour locations, climate compensation, how to raise awareness concerning Gender Equality and much more. The representatives from the respective partners also raised many great ideas on how to contribute to the UN Global Goals, which is the basis of the Ski Tour 2020 goals for organizing a sustainable event.

– To meet and discuss what each partner wish to do in cooperation with Ski Tour 2020 and how they can contribute to the UN Global Goals is beneficial for both our partners and the Ski Tour 2020 team. So many great ideas and questions have been raised and it gives the opportunity for both us and our partners to crate a legacy for the future, said Patrik Svärd Partner Manager for Ski Tour 2020.

These are the Ski Tour 2020 official partners:

Vy, Obos (Sweden and Norway), Le Gruyére AOP, Vattenfall, Riis Bilglass, Scandic, Coop and Audi.

Do you have questions about the Ski Tour 2020 partners?

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Patrik Svärd