New Main Partner Contributes to Reducing Climate footprint from World Elite during Ski Tour 2020

Ski Tour 2020 focus on sustainability. Today, Norwegian train- and bus company Vy was presented as Main Sponsor for Ski Tour 2020, at a press meeting in Oslo where the tour ambassadors and former ski stars Marit Bjørgen and Anders Södergren were on stage.

With their long experience in bus- and train infrastructure in Norway and Sweden, Vy will give Ski Tour 2020 an opportunity to reduce its climate footprint by, among other things, provide trains for the athletes between the different race locations on the tour.

– Through Ski Tour 2020 we have an opportunity to develop cross-country skiing. Sweden and Norway are two leading nations in the sport and we have now established a historical cooperation. Through Ski Tour 2020 this cooperation will enable and test new ways of organize world cup races, said Tour 2020 AB Chairman of the board, Ola Strömberg, Secretary General of the Swedish National Ski Association.

– The tour presents new elements in cross-country skiing, such as sprinting uphill in an alpine skiing arena and a race that will cross the border between Sweden and Norway. Quality in sports is central of course but it is also important for us to challenge the way we organize ski races. With Vy as Main Partner, we will guarantee climate friendly transportation for all athletes. We are proud of that, he continued.

One important mission for the organizers behind Ski Tour 2020 is to organize the tour in the most sustainable way possible, economically, socially and environmentally. By using trains and buses as transportation during the tour Ski Tour 2020 will reduce its climate impact. The cooperation between the National Ski Associations in Sweden and Norway also lays the foundation for further sustainable development after the event.

– Ski Tour 2020 thinks differently and explores new ways of traveling. We are truly onboard with that. Within Vy we work across the borders and we have what is needed to deliver environmentally friendly transportations to Ski Tour 2020. We are very happy to be part of that, said Group CEO for Vy, Arne Fosen.

– We know the routes, the customers and the climate and therefore it is natural for Vy to contribute. And at the same time experience something that makes people happy. Traveling together also means traveling in a more environmentally friendly way and we will contribute to making the best solutions for the company, said Ole Engebret Haugen, Group CEO for Vy buss.

The former cross-country stars and now tour ambassadors Marit Bjørgen and Anders Södergren were also on site in Oslo. As former elite skiers the view Ski Tour 2020 as an opportunity to set great examples for the future.

– It is exciting to see that Ski Tour 2020 dares to think differently. The ski sport needs to develop and I am happy to see that the Ski Associations have such clear goals for the tour. We see that the climate is changing and I am concerned for our children and the coming generations who might not be able to experience winter as we know it. It is great to focus on sustainability and I am glad that Vy can see the value of helping ski sports in the future, said Marit Bjørgen.

Anders Södergren added:

– To have the athletes travel by train also has benefits beyond being more climate friendly. It also reduces economical inequalities between the participating nations and it strengthens the bonds between the athletes.

This is Ski Tour 2020

Ski Tour 2020 is organized by the Swedish and Norwegian National Ski Associations via the company Tour 2020 AB. Local organizers have the responsibility for the implementation at each arena. Ski Tour 2020 is part of the official Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup in 2019/2020.


Friday 14 February: Official opening ceremony, Östersund

Saturday 15 February: 10/15 km interval start F, Östersunds skidstadion

Sunday 16 February: 10/15 km pursuit C, Östersunds skidstadion

Tuesday 18 February: Sprint F, the Swedish Alpine National Arena, Åre

Thursday 20 February: 38 k mass start F, Storlien - Meråker

Saturday 22 February: Sprint C, Granåsen Skisenter Trondheim

Sunday 23 February: Finals - 15/30 km pursuit C, Granåsen Skisenter Trondheim

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