Stage 6: Therese Johaug and Pål Golberg are the winners of Ski Tour 2020

The sixth and final stage finished in the arena of Granåsen in Trondheim on Sunday. Therese Johaug and Pål Golberg were both first over the finish line in today's 15 and 30 kilometer pursuit. Therese Johaug performed a triple-win when winning today's stage, the point ranking and the overall win of Ski Tour 2020.

Photo: Martin Riseth

The winners of Ski Tour 2020 were decided in Granåsen on Sunday with a variety of weather. Therese Johaug practically flew from start to finish in the classic ski tracks, after starting two and a half minutes in front of Heidi Weng and Ingvild Flugstad Östberg and four minutes in front of Ebba Andersson. But although trying the best to close the gap, Östberg and Weng could not manage to gain on the superior Norwegian that chased the best time of the day and managed to finish with both best time, highest point ranking (in front of Nadine Fähndrich) and the overall win in Ski Tour 2020. And with Sunday's 19th victory for the season, Therese Johaug also set a record for most World Cup wins in one season, a record previously held by ski queen Marit Björgen.

Behind Johaug, it was Weng and Östberg who battled for the remaining spots on the podium in the overall tour, all though keeping together through the race it was Heidi Weng who put in an extra gear during the last meters and thereby ranking second in the overall tour ahead of Östberg (3rd).

Swedish Ebba Andersson, who raced alone throughout the stage, finishes in fourth place in the tour and with fourth best time if the day. She was followed by Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen (NOR), Jessie Diggins (USA), Krista Pärmäkoski (FIN), Tiril Udnes Weng (NOR), Emma Ribom (SWE) and Sadie Maubet Bjornsen (USA).

The stage victory went to Therese Johaug, followed by Astrid Urenholdt Jacobsen and Krista Pärmäkoski who were the fastest trio of the day.

Just in time for the men´s 30 km race, a heavy snowfall came in over the stadium. Tour leader Alexander Bolshunov started 34 seconds ahead of Pål Golberg. But the surprising snowfall was a game changer for Bolshunov who struggeled with his material in the snow, and Golberg closed the gap 4 kilometers into the race. Behind the leading duo a group of six Norwegians led by Martin Loewstroem Nyenget started the chase for the podium. Emil Iversen and Dario Cologna, Switzerland, were also part of the top ten during the first part of the race.

Iivo Niskanen, Finland, who started 4 minutes behind Bolshunov did a strong performance on the course and caught up with Cologna.

In the front, Pål Golberg extended the gap to Alexander Bolshunov, who struggled to keep up in the snowy conditions and got caught up by the Norwegian group.

Goldberg is first over the finish line and thereby wins Ski Tour 2020, 28 seconds ahead of Simen Hegstad Krüger (2nd) and Hans Christer Holund (3rd). Emil Iversen missed the podium by 2 seconds and takes fourth place in Ski Tour 2020 and is the stage-winner with the fastest time of the day. Martin Loewstroem Nyenget ranked fifth, followed by Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (6th) and Alexander Bolshunov, who make a strong performance despite problems with snow conditions and finish in seventh place ahead of Iivo Niskanen, Sjur Roethe and Dario Cologna.

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo Klæbo is the winner of the point tour and today's stage win goes to Emil Iversen, followed by Iivo Niskanen (+10.9) and Hans Christer Holund, NOR (+ 37.8).

Ski Tour 2020/Women

1. Therese Johaug, NOR, 3:00:41.8

2. Heidi Weng, NOR (+3:40)

3. Ingvild Flugstad Östberg (+3:41.5)

4. Ebba Andersson, SWE (+5:54.3)

5. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, NOR (+6:14.8)

6. Jessica Diggins, NOR (+8:40.1)

7. Krista Parmakoski, FIN (+9:12.4)

8. Tiril Udnes Weng, NOR (+9:14.5)

9. Emma Ribom, SWE (+9:32.1)

10. Sadie Maubet Bjornsen (+9:43.8)

Ski Tour 2020/Men

1. Pål Golberg, NOR, 3:52:41.6

2. Simen Hegstad Krueger, NOR (+28.9)

3. Hans Christer Holund, NOR (+30.1)

4. Emil Iversen, NOR (32.3)

5. Martin Loewstroem Nyenget (+32.9)

6. Johannes Hoesflot Kläbo, NOR (+34.2)

7. Alexander Bolshunov, RUS (+1:41.0)

8. Iivo Niskanen, FIN (+1:48.2)

9. Sjur Röthe, NOR (+2:52.8)

10. Dario Cologna, SUI (+3:00.8)