Ski Tour 2020 is looking ahead to a spectacular sprint in Åre - the CEO addresses the challenges: “We are working hard to find solutions"

Ski Tour 2020 welcomes teams, athletes, media and spectators to the third stage of the tour, the sprint in free technique in the Swedish national alpine arena. On Monday, the athletes traveled together on the tour-trains between Östersund and Åre.

Train rides that sprung positive reactions among the athletes according to Guri Knotten Hetland, CEO of Ski Tour 2020.

“It was a lovely atmosphere on the train that I traveled with. The athletes played games, watched movies and socialized. Even played guitar” she says.

The organization behind Ski Tour 2020 has just completed two stages in Östersund, with fantastic support from the spectators and partners, and is now looking forward to this afternoon's competitions in Åre. Before traveling to Storlien, Meråker and Trondheim.

“We are transparent with the fact that we have met challenges along the way. We are doing our utmost to find solutions to make Ski Tour 2020 a good experience for riders, teams and the spectators” says Guri Knotten Hetland.

The arena for the afternoons sprint competition is created in an already existing arena, the Swedish Alpine National Arena in Åre, where the Alpine World Championships took place one year ago.

This time the arena welcomes the cross-country skiing world when Ski Tour 2020 and Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup is taking over the arena.

By using already existing snowmaking capacity and infrastructure the organization has built a sprint track that is unique of its kind. This without having to transport snow from far away.

Anton Lindblad, who finished his own professional cross-country skiing career in the spring of 2019, is the chief of course for the third stage. An assignment where the 29-year-old, who lives in Östersund, has been able to bring his own experiences from the World Cup to build a sprint track that is something out of the ordinary.

“This will be special, memorable and spectacular. And it is fun that cross-country skiing will try out a new arena and reach a broader audience” he says.

The sprint course is 660 meters long and has a total climb of 67 vertical meters. Here, the competitors start with a lap inside the alpine finish, followed by a tactical velodrome curve and then begin to climb towards the finish. A compact sprint where the spectators can follow the riders' efforts closely.

"Whatever people might think about the climb, I think this will be a great experience for both riders and the spectators" says Anton Lindblad.

On Thursday, the tour-trains and athletes will continue towards Storlien and the fourth stage across the mountains and the national border between Storlien (SWE) and Meråker (NOR).

Ski Tour 2020/Stage 3

13.45 – Qualification Sprint i fristil (W/M)

16.00 – Finals Sprint i fristil (W/M)