Coop supports children to compete like their cross-country ski heroes

As title sponsor of the FIS Cross Country World Cup, Coop Norway is present in the arenas of many cross-country skiing venues and inspires kids to ski and have fun with sport activities.

Foto: Coop Mini World Cup

To support the sport of cross-country skiing is important to Coop Norway. Not only because of the strong commitment to the sport among the company’s 1,7 million co-owners, but also because of its part in Norwegian culture. As Ski Tour 2020 is part of the Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup, the company is FIS Title Sponsor of the Scandinavian tour as well. According to Guri Knotten Hetland, CEO of Ski Tour 2020, this is a tour that goes hand in hand with Coops core values – sharing, togetherness and celebrating diversity.

“Ski Tour 2020 is a collaboration over the Swedish and Norwegian boarder. Sharing and togetherness is a big part of that since we are two National Ski Associations and three different local organizers that work together to create a coherent tour. The core values of Coop go hand in hand the UN Sustainable Development Goals that Ski Tour 2020 works towards”, she says.

Since its beginning in 1867, Coop has been built on a sharing economy. Meaning, that the company is owned by its customers, who every year receive divided payments from the annual profits. By being a contributing part in the world of cross-country skiing, Coop Norway wants to give something back to their co-owners and make them proud of supporting Norway’s national sport.

“To support and cheer for cross-country skiing comes natural to us. Like our owners, and a big part of the Norwegian population, cross-country skiing is part of our life and a fundamental part of Norwegian culture”, says Vegard Dahl Hansen, Head of Sponsoring Coop Norway.

It is not only the elite that has a chance to race and compete during the Coop FIS Cross Country World Cup. Starting with their first World Cup season as FIS Title Sponsor in 2018/2019, Coop Norway has taken a leading role to support kids’ events in the form of a “Mini World Cup”.

"We want kids to get the chance to feel special and to feel joy when practicing sport. We also want to support young talents and turn the World Cup weekends into something extra special for the whole family", says Vegard Dahl Hansen.

To make the event feel extra special, Coop provides various installations, bibs and medals for every child that wants to attend. Everything is designed along the line of the “big” World Cup to make every kid feel like a professional athlete and experience something unforgettable. The Mini World Cup also works as a fun and inviting introduction to the sport of cross-country skiing. Something that the team behind Ski Tour 2020 finds admirable. This is why Östersund and Trondheim decided to host a Coop Mini World Cup.

Coop Mini World Cup/Östersund

Date: February 14

Time: 17.00¬–19.00

Venue: Stortorget, Östersund

Coop Mini World Cup/Trondheim

Date: February 23

Time: 11.00–15.00

Venue: Litjåsen,Trondheim– Besides Sunday's race track