Ski Tour 2020 will be completed in Granåsen Skisenter in Trondheim with a sprint on Saturday and pursuit on Sunday. The first woman and man to cross the finish line are the winners of the Tour.

Granåsen Skisenter is located 9 km from the city centre of Trondheim.

Venue information.

How you get to Granåsen

Ski Tour 2020 will finish with two last stages in Granåsen, Trondheim, on February 22 and 23. And it is going to be a party along the tracks and in the stadium. The classic sprint will take place om Saturday (February 22) and on Sunday the Tour will end with 30/15 km classic pursuit. A lot of people will come and that is why the local bus AtB are putting in extra routes so that you easily can reach the arena.

Travel by bus, ski or bike to Granåsen do to closed parking lots

The organizer recommend all visitors to Granåsen during Ski Tour 2020 to leave the car and go by bus, ski or bike do to closed parking lots.

Please click on the link below for an information map.

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Food and beverage in the venue.

In Granåsen you'll find local harvested food at Bondens Marked (Farmers Market). This is a new way to bring high quality food into a sports venue. Enjoy!

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